Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I've gotta have a plan and it's gotta be easy. :)
Monday- Homemade beefaroni, corn
Tuesday- CP Split pea soup (not sure what recipe yet), easy cheesy rolls (never made these last week)
Wednesday- CP Sesame Pork Ribs, rice, egg rolls
Thursday- CP Mexican chicken soup
Friday- CP Italian chicken (just chicken with some Italian dressing in the crock pot), a veggie and rice
Saturday-CP taco chicken (just chicken cooked with some taco seasoning and a little water(or salsa) then shredded-will probably make burritos
Sunday- CP Magic meatloaf (new recipe), mashed potatoes, gravy, garlic peas


  1. Hi Stacey! Got a message in my email from "Feeling Scrappy" and thought I'd stop by to say HI!! Loved looking at some of your layouts! Your new baby girl is gorgeous! Love the Menu are so organized!


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