Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What am I working on??

Any guesses as to what I am working on?

Here's a's something fun that's coming up soon!!!

Anyone? (Bueller???)

Ok, ok, I'll tell you.

Are you sure you want to know???

Sketchapalooza layouts!! The designers have created some fabulous sketches and I have been itching to dive back into scrapping (I've done a little bit, but not much in the last two months!). The picture shows what I pulled out to work on my first page for the class. (I also added paint and glitter after I took the picture.) I finished the layout last night and can't wait to share it during Sketchapalooza!!

Read about the class and sign up here-

It starts October 26th so start organizing your photos and prepare for a month of scrapping!!!


  1. I am ready...I just need to wait until payday tomorrow to register!! I cannot wait to see what you have been creating!

  2. Fun! I am excited to dive in too!


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