Friday, October 23, 2009

Crafty time with the little ones

Joshua and Abby love when I pull out things for them to be crafty. I wonder where they get that from??? :)

Recently, we were on a finger puppet kick...I made the finger puppets (following their directions) and they put on shows. The newest sets are the three little pigs and the big bad wolf and a set of five baby ducks and their mommy. (I also have a stack of monkeys that still need to be finished!) Here they are putting on a show- (I didn't make the big puppets Abby is using.)
Sometimes they like to use paints, glue, glitter, crayons, etc. Yesterday, we punched a bunch of shapes out of some construction paper and they went to town with a glue stick. THIS, my friends, is when I try to bust out a scrapbook page! LOL The baby was napping and the munchkins were happily creating. And I finished one page for Sketchapalooza. (My desk is right next to where they are working.) they are.

And here is their new art display area. The amount of papers on the fridge was getting out of control. They have to pick and choose what to display now.
Here's to being crafty! Happy Friday!!


  1. The BEST kind of play in my opinion! So fun - love thier creations!

  2. Your such a good Mommy! Peyton has really gotten into puppets lately too. Only we don't have any and end up using socks. lol...

  3. Very fun. I have said that Fridays are our craft days at the house. Hopefully we can get some more crafty time in though since we are fast approaching the holiday season...which is perfect for crafting!


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