Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Design Team Coordinator!

I need a DT Coordinator for Inspired to Scrap

Here are the details:
It’s a new year and we are changing things up a bit on Inspired to Scrap! We are planning a few minor changes and some new fun activities to keep us motivated and scrapping. To help me run it all, I need a DT Coordinator! Here’s the scoop-
Design Team Coordinator CALL (
Date of call-January 1-20th 2012
Inspired to Scrap ( is seeking a well-organized and motivated scrapper to join us as a Design Team Coordinator. The term will run for four months (February 1- May 31 2012).
Duties include overseeing Guest Designers and Member Challenges; creating and posting a challenge each month; assisting in class planning; creating at least three class samples before each class (classes are every other month); creating two tutorials for each class; posting actively on the forum; and posting weekly on the blog. We request that you participate on no more than one other Design Team during your term. (Call is open to scrappers in the US and Canada only due to shipping costs.) As a thank you, you will receive a free class after your term, a package of scrapbooking goodies, and recognition on our site.
Please email three layouts that demonstrate your scrapbooking style and the following to stacey {at} for consideration:
1. Your name, address and email
2. Your blog address
3. Are you active on any other forums? If so, which ones?
4. Why do you want to be the Inspired to Scrap Design Team Coordinator?
5. What do you feel are your best attributes that would help you to be successful in this position?
Please join our forum so we can get to know you during the call. Thanks and I look forward to getting to know you and having you join the team!!

Peanut noodles- recipe!

Of course, I forgot to take a photo of this tonight! But this sauce is really yummy...try it out sometime. :)

I just use whatever noodles I have on hand. Tonight it was Lo mein noodles that have been sitting in my pantry forever. But I usually just use spaghetti noodles. :) Add in whatever veggies you have on hand (steam them first) and some leftover turkey or chicken for a full meal.

Peanut Noodles (just the sauce)
1/3 cup peanut butter (I used reduced fat)
1/4 cup warm water
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantrro (I have left this out in a pinch but it really adds a good flavor)
1/2 tsp ground ginger (or use a tbs freshly grated if you have it! I never do.)
1 TBS rice vinegar
1 TBS soy sauce
1 minced garlic clove
1 TBS packed brown sugar

Directions: blend everything together and pour over cooked noodles and veggies. This will cover about half a pound of cooked noodles. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Menu Planning (Pantry Challenge!)

Thanks to Jessica's challenge- ...I am going to save a few bucks and challenge myself to use what I have on hand in the pantry and freezer this month. Yes, I will still buy fresh milk, eggs, cheese, fruits and veggies.  But I am also going to try to use some things that I might not normally reach for in my pantry so nothing goes to waste. :)

I had a bit of a hard time planning for the whole month.  I am sure I will end up moving things around or changing things if I find a fun new recipe to try or end up buying different meats or items at the store. BUT...I like a plan and here is what I came up with based MOSTLY on what we have here. 

I will also add in some sides of veggies and fruits depending on what I buy each week at the store. :)

Here is the plan in order on my calendar starting Monday, Jan.2nd.
~Leftovers (LOL! What a way to start, huh? But we have several things to get rid of in the fridge right now!)
~Grilled Cheese and Crockpot Tomato Soup (new recipe)
~Asian Sesame Noodles (I have a tasty recipe the kids love...I will share if I remember to get a photo!)
~Fish tacos, pinto beans
~Pancakes (either oatmeal or banana nut)
~Homemade pizza
~Taco Pasta (new recipe...will probably leave out the cream or use milk)
~ Burrito Bowls (rice, beans, leftover turkey from the freezer, lettuce, salsa, etc.)
~Grilled Cheese and Soup (Not sure what kind of soup yet.  Maybe some leftover from the freezer or maybe I will make some fresh.)
~Star Hitched Chicken (crockpot) burritos (salsa, chicken and cream cheese in the crockpot...easy and tasty!)
~Cheeseburger rice (new recipe...from a magazine)
~ Pasta with red sauce,
~ Crock pot chicken cacciatore (new recipe), salad
~ Chili (leftover in the freezer) and rice
~Thai curry chicken, rice, veggie
Crockpot taco style lentils and rice-burritos (simple recipe but yummy!)
~Split pea and ham soup, homemade bread (my favorite and one of the easiest pea soup recipes!)
~ Chicken Masala, rice, veggie
~ Southwest taco pie (A pampered Chef recipe...we have had this before and liked it but that was ages ago!)
~Burritos (again...yes.  My kids will eat almost anything if it is in a burrito) with sprouted beans and enchilada sauce
~Turkey, stuffing, gravy, rolls, etc. (I have a huge turkey in the freezer I need to defrost and cook!)
~ Black bean soup
~ Ravioli, red sauce
~ Waffles and sausage (i have a couple of yummy waffle recipes!  I need to get on the ball with food photos and recipes again!)
~ Chicken and rice burritos
~ Coconut Curry Shrimp, rice, veggie
~ Chicken Parmigiana, salad (really yummy recipe!)
~ Turkey barley soup, homemade bread

WHEW! So, we'll see how well I can stick to this plan.  Or not. ;) The point is going to be to use up some items and cook in this month.  Think I can make it the whole month without getting take out or going out?? :)

Happy menu planning!  For more menus, visit

Good Luck Dip for 2012!

Need a yummy way to eat your black eyed peas today for good luck in 2012?
My grandma (or "Poolma" as I nicknamed her as a young child since she was the grandma with the pool.  The name stuck and we all called her "Poolma!!") would always make some black eyed peas on New Year's Day and we would be obligated to eat them.  I don't think I liked them much as a kid...but I knew they were essential for a good new year. ;)

I had a bag of frozen black eyed peas (from the same friend mentioned in my garbanzo bean soup recipe below!) and decided to make something a little different that I thought my family would be likely to devour eat. 
DIP!  Who doesn't love a good dip?? This is sort of like 7 layer bean dip...but fresher and yummier. ;) So make! Or tomorrow if you have to go to the store.  Better late than never.  My family could use a little good luck in the upcoming year...what about your family? :) The great thing about this dip is that you can make it to your preferences...add guacamole or black olives, take out the cilantro, etc. Make it yours, make it YUMMY...just make it!

2012 Good Luck Dip
Black eyed peas (canned, frozen and defrosted or dried and cooked)- about 2 cups
1-2 tsp cumin
Sour cream- (I didn't measure...maybe 1/2 a cup or more)
1 TBS taco seasoning (optional)
Lettuce- chopped (about a cup...up to you!)
Cilantro- chopped (maybe 1/4 much as you would like)
Chopped fresh tomatoes
Shredded cheese (We like it finely shredded for this.)
Chopped green onions (about four)

1. Drain your black eyed peas well and mix with some cumin to give them a better flavor ;) .
2. Mash up about half of the peas.  I used a hand blender, but a fork and some elbow grease would work as well. Spread peas out on a platter.
3. Mix sour cream with some taco seasoning and spread out over peas.
4. Spread enough salsa out over the sour cream to cover it with a thin layer.
5.  Add some shredded lettuce and cilantro.  I like to chop the two together so the cilantro flavor gets all through the lettuce.  (I do this for our tacos, too...YUM!)
6. Add your shredded cheese, then the chopped tomatoes and lastly the green oinions.
Serve with tortilla chips and ENJOY the good luck you will receive in the NEW YEAR. :)

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I hope you all have a fabulous 2012!! :)

Love and blessings to you and your family.

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