Monday, March 1, 2010

Muffin Tin (Cup) Monday

 stumbled across this fun idea last night while browsing the internet (instead of getting to bed at a reasonable hour!!) and thought it sounded like fun. Muffin Tin Mom posts themes for these fun little lunches (this week was a free theme week) and lots of other moms share what they serve the kids. I don't have any small muffin tin pans so I just used cupcake liners instead. :) I think this is a neat idea because it makes lunch a little different and fun, it helps teach portion control, and can encourage them to try new foods depending on the theme and my creativity. :) Anyhow, not sure I will do it every week...but I think we'll give it a shot! I didn't have much time to plan so I just used what was easy today. We have hummus, baby carrots, goldfish, pb banana sandwiches and hame rolled up with some cream cheese.

I am hoping to get to another sketch this week to share with you.  I should've scrapped during naptime today but I started reorganizing the pantry and time got away from me. Oh well.  Maybe another day. :)


  1. you did a great job and the kids look like they enjoyed them!

    welcome to muffin tin mondays! hope you join us again!

  2. The cream cheese wrapped in ham is something I will have to try. Nice tin!

  3. Welcome to muffin tin Monday! Your kids will love it and soon will not let you get by with not doing it (mine don't anyway!).

  4. how cute are they with their lunch? glad you shared - i love this idea and think we will have to play along! i have just spent the last hour going through all the links!

  5. How fun! Your kids are so darn cute!

  6. love the peanut butter bananas! what a great idea!


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