Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

It's time for another menu!  Here's the plan...hope we can stick to it. :)
Monday: Orange chicken (new recipe), rice and broccoli
Tuesday: Tacos with salsa chicken (just salsa and chicken breasts in the crockpot), Mexican rice and beans
Wednesday: Black bean soup (we never made this last week)
Thursday: Red bean, rice and sausage soup (new recipe)
Friday: Not exactly sure...probably grilled cheese and soup (possibly leftovers)
Saturday: Lean and green chili (soooo yummy...will post recipe soon)
Sunday: Split pea soup and herbed oatmeal bread

I will try to remember to take pictures and share some recipes!
Happy cooking. :) Visit orgjunkie.coim for more great menu ideas!!

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