Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goodbye old apron...hello new!

It's been a great 12 or more years but it's time to say goodbye.  One of my best friends (Emily!!) and I made similar aprons when we were in college. I think it's funny that our idea of a fun evening was to hang out, head to Joann's and play around with fabric and our sewing machines!  It's STILL one of my favorite things to do (although I wish we could do it together!!!) Anyhow, Emily doesn't have her apron anymore but it's been my one and only apron since then. It's treated me well but it's time I finally moved on. 

I picked out some fun new fabric from Walmart a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't decide how I wanted to make it.  I went with easy and made up my own design. LOL I have never been very good at following directions. ;) Anyhow, it turned out a little big...but that's ok...more protection from food stains! It was an easy project and I am thinking I might try a fancier apron next time (sooner than 12 years from now! I need a few in different colors!)

Do you use an apron????


  1. Cute apron! You look fantastic!

    Nope, no apron for me! Although I really should start wearing one when I feed Maddy...she's messy! haha!

  2. It's adorable and so are you! You look so skinny!

    I don't use an apron....bad me! I just made Grant some Chef Aprons though.

  3. I LOVE it! I wish I still had my old one that we made together! and I agree... you look GREAT! :) Happy Cooking! (Maybe I can put in an order for an apron with you....)

  4. I don't where an apron. I need one that wraps all the way around me to cover the front from splatters and the backside from where I wipe my hands on my toosh as I cook!! Very cute!

    I made an apron in 7th grade home ec for my mom! She still has it...that was way more than 12 years ago, and I have one that is a bib style that my grandmother made in the 70s! I don't think they go bad or out of I would keep your old one...too many memories!

  5. uh...wear an apron I mean...not WHERE! DUH!!

  6. I don't wear an apron, but I love them! You look fabulous!! Love the new apron as well.


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