Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Planning Monday

 Happy Monday!  This is going to be a really crazy busy month for planning is going to help ease a bit of the stress and help us stick to our budget.  I have healthy meals planned for the week to help us stick to our healthy eating goals (baked and ate too many cookies last month! LOL) This is an old photo that I have already posted, but I don't have a new one right now so this will have to do. :) This is tonight's dinner- yum!

Do you have a plan for the week? Here's mine-

Monday- Lean and Green Chili, steamed cauliflower
Tuesday- Tacos and beans
Wednesday- CP Santa Fe Chicken, rice
Thursday- Black bean soup with chips and guacamole (I can't believe I haven't shared this recipe...I will take a pic and post it later in the week!)
Friday- Garlic chicken with broccoli
Saturday- Split Pea soup with bread
Sunday- Lentil and chicken soup
For more menu planning ideas, visit !!  

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  1. Sounds like a yummy menu! I have started meal planning also, but I create a list of around 15 meals and put them on a frame I altered into a dry erase board and decide each morning what we will be having! Makes things MUCH easier!


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