Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Planning Monday!

Time for another menu plan!!! :) Days/meals may change since I am waiting to hear from the soccer coach about practices this week.

Monday- Homemade Chili Verde (hope to post the recipe soon...if I actually make note of what I do!), CP pinto beans(link to stovetop version), tortillas (plus all the goodies-lettuce, cheese, salsa, etc.)
Tuesday- Orange chicken (pictured above), white rice (we love short grain sticky rice!), a veggie (probably steamed broccoli)
Wednesday- WW Chicken Parmigiana, pasta, salad
Thursday- Kielbasa & black beans, brown rice medley, salad or veggie (green beans maybe?)
Friday- Thai Chicken Curry (sauce from a jar), rice, veggie
Saturday- CP chicken tacos (just frozen chicken breasts and salsa)
Sunday- Egg drop and chicken rice noodle soup (or dinner at/from Costco! :) ) We made this soup twice already.  I added some chopped up veggies and I also used cooked thin rice noodles instead of cooking large ones in the broth.  Really good!

What are you cooking? View more recipes at! 

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