Friday, December 16, 2011

Peek-a-boo!!! (And a list of class photo sizes...)

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Here's another peek from the upcoming class-

Want to know more about my sketch class next month? Here are the photo sizes for all of the sketches in case you are a PLANNER!
January 2- Double Page Sketch (DPS)- Four 4x6’s (H)
Jan. 4- Three or Four 4x4’s
Jan. 6- Three 3x3’s (but three 4x4’s or two 4x6’s (H) would work pretty well here, too.)
Jan. 7- Two 4x6’s (H)
Jan. 8- Two 4x4’s (Could probably use two 4x6’s H without much change in the design)
Jan. 10- DPS Four 4x6’s (H), two 4x4’s
Jan. 12- One 4x6 (H), three 2x3’s (V)
Jan. 14- Two 4x6’s (H)
Jan. 16- One 4x6 (H), three 3x4’s (V)
Jan. 18- DPS Three 4x6’s (H), Four 4x4’s (You could easily switch out at least one of the 4x4’s with another 4x6)
Jan. 20- One 4x6 (H), one 4x4
Jan. 21- Two 4x4’s
Jan. 22- One 4x6 (H), Two 3x4’s (V) (One 4x6-V could easily replace the two smaller photos.)
Jan. 24- DPS Four 4x6’s (V), two 4x6’s (H)
Jan. 26- Two 4x6’s –or- four 3x4’s (V)
Jan. 28- Three 4x6’s (V)
Jan. 30- One 4x6 (H), one 3x4 (H) (or you could use a second 4x6 instead)
Hope to see you in classs!!!!

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