Sunday, May 23, 2010

An oopsie and some new layouts

Have I told you what happens if I leave too many tempting scrapbooking tools and items on my desk unsupervised for too long? Abby happens.  She loves to "help" me scrapbook.  She'll very kindly ink papers, add rhinestones, and cut up photos for me.  Thanks kiddo. LOL

I went to a crop at the LSS last night and got 10 pages finished...yippeee! I got to meet a few really nice ladies and had a nice time scrapping. Here are some of my favorites from what I completed...

Hope you get some scrappy time in soon!!


  1. Adorable LO's! I love the design on 6 months:) Glad you had fun!

  2. LOL about you scrap goodies! Definitely been there...

    LOVE your new layouts. I have to agree with Melonie...the design on 6 months is great:) 10 layouts completed, I am jealous;)

  3. Wow...10 layouts in one night! Dang girl, that is fantastic! Love your layouts! Too funny about the 'little helper'!

  4. Hi Stacey!!! Oh, my gosh! 10 layouts! You were on a roll, girl! :) It was great meeting you on Saturday. I hope we can all get together again soon! Take care!

  5. *LOL* oh, that little angel of yours :). those photos have been perfectly cut! :)

    10 layouts!!! 10 layouts??? eeeeek! far out! You are GOOD!!! :)

  6. Oh, that smile of Abby's.. it is sooooooo adorable!!!!

  7. 10 layouts!!! You were in the zone, good thing we left;) So good to finally meet you and hope we can hang out again soon.


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