Saturday, September 5, 2009

Two weeks old (and a sketchapalooza layout!)

Elizabeth is two weeks old (yesterday). Here's a new photo of her-

And I know she's not supposed to be able to smile yet, but we've caught a few glimpses of what seemed like smiles to us!! (And not while she was sleeping! ;) ) She also really seems to like looking at her big brother!!

And not to leave Abby's a layout for her album that I completed during the last sketchapalooza class on Feeling Scrappy. This layout was based on a sketch by our guest designer Tracy Kosofsky.
We have a holiday class called "Simplify the Season" starting very soon and another sketch class coming up after that...check out the details here-


  1. Stacey, Congratulations to you and Jeremy (and Abby and Joshua)!!!! Ellie is beautiful! I love the name Elizabeth. I use to name all of my dolls that because you could have so many variations of that name. :) She is so beautiful and I cannot believe you are posting more than rock! I miss you!

  2. What precious photos! I can't believe you are getting to scrap! Cute layout!

  3. She is so cute. Love those chubby cheeks! Congrats.


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