Friday, September 12, 2008

We have a winner!

I was totally blown away by the number of comments for the prize! I hope you all continue to visit my blog and leave some comments. Your feedback really means a lot to me. I will be implementing some of your suggestions soon...thanks!!!

I don't really know how to do the whole thing and make it work with the extra entries some of you got for posting on your blogs so I did this the old-fashioned way. :) Ok, so I suppose copying and pasting into Word isn't really old-fashioned, but you know what I mean. LOL

Here's the winner!!!

Congrats!! Please email your name and address to me at

I'll have another giveaway in a couple of weeks with some boy goodies so keep checking back. In the mean time, I'll have some new menus, recipes, layouts and cards to post. (And maybe I can find time to add a new sketch to warm us up for Sketchapalooza coming up at the end of October.) Also, make sure to check out the new card sketches I posted on my sketch blog (link in sidebar).

Have a great weekend!!


  1. She won my give away a little while ago! Yea! She needs this extra smile. I love your blog and thanks for offering this up. =]

  2. Funny - she won one of mine too - lucky girl! Congrats!!

  3. CloverGirl must have a 4 leaf CLOVER! LOL. Congrats Brandi!

  4. Cool! I'm so happy Brandi won! She needs a pick me up right now!!

  5. Hi Stacey long time no talk!just dropping in to say hi and been thinking of you!been trying to get some kind of order in my life!wil be stopping by more now that the boys are back at school and its just me and Jase :)

  6. It's always fun to win something. And scrapping supplies are definitely a plus.
    Congrats Clovergirl.

  7. Yeah, Brandi! name's mentioned in the winning comment! That should count for something! :) heehee!


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