Monday, February 4, 2013

My distractions from crafting!

I have lots of things that keep me from crafting as much as I would like.  But these three are the most important...and cutest! :) Seems I would have more time to craft as they get older...but instead, I find they need my attention even more!  Between homework, activities and just day to day things (laundry, chores, playing endless games of chess and Go Fish!), I hardly have time for myself.

I did manage to make this cute little snowman in January at a Pinterest craft party with my mom's group-

And now I am back to my scrapping desk.  (Even though it is FREEZING at my desk!  I am right by the back door draft...brrrr!) I have scrapping to do so I will probably be up late at night.  My three little munchkins require most of my attention these days!!!

I hope you will be joining me in class this month.  :)  Let's get scrapping!

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  1. Cute cute snowman! I hear ya on the distractions. Have two of them myself and haven't done much crafting lately!


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