Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY distressed side table

Anyone else like to re-fashion things to make them "new" again?  Or buy inexpensive thrift store items to fix up?  This has been my latest interest!!  My friend, Misty, sparked my interest in searching through thrift stores and I am on the hunt for fun, nifty and thrifty items!

To start, I grabbed this ugly old (and cheap!!) little table from the basement.  I have had this for a long time...and I am pretty sure it came from my mom who got it from a rummage sale. I wanted a spot for the girls to be able to store their hair clips, play jewelry and brushes.  The bathroom counter wasn't big enough for their box so I painted and distressed this table.  I think it turned out fun and much cuter than when it started!


Show me your thrifty makeovers!!!  I have a tiered appetizer stand I am working on now. :)


  1. cute! I'm right there with you. That is part of the reason I haven't scrapped as much lately. LOVE the hunt for items to make over (thrift shops and garage sales). We've had such a long cold winter I haven't had many chances to get to painting yet though. I can't wait to see your appetizer stand!

  2. Oh and this was my biggest make over project: Or trash to treasure as I like to say. The bottom piece was a hand-me down for my first apartment. The top piece I found on the side of a road/edge of a driveway with a 'free' sign on it! I painted them both black and everyone is shocked when I tell them they are two miss-matched pieces and one was off the side of the road!


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