Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ruffled t-shirt

How to prepare for two birthdays (Jeremy will be 35 and Abby will be 3) and three house guests(my parents and my sister) with only 24 hours to spare:

1. Make a giant list of things to do and clean (including clearing a path in the guest room, cleaning the bathroom and baking a Tinkerbell cake).
2. Ignore list and decide that your adorable little girl (who's going to be three tomorrow!) needs a t-shirt refashioned.
3. Trim off bottom of a too long and stained t-shirt that is too cute not to wear.
4. Hem t-shirt (uh...I really need some tips on this part!) and pin on fabric strips (see Elizabeth Kartchner's blog for my inspiration) to cover stains.
5. Decide an impromtu outdoor photo shoot is in order after getting less than desireable results with basement lighting.
6. Play baseball with children while the baby naps.
7. Ignore list some more, heat up a cup of coffee and decide a blog update is still more important (uh-oh....will I ever be ready for tomorrow???)

**Seriously...I need to get to work now! LOL


  1. Cute...cute...CUTE!!! If only I had a girl;)

  2. I really (and i am not even kidding) would like one in my size....adorable - love ruffles!


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