Tuesday, January 6, 2009

From Mess to Success and a Year of Cheer!

We have a great class starting soon on Feeling Scrappy. It's all about getting yourself organized and starting the year off right. Read more about it here- http://feelingscrappyclasses.blogspot.com/search/label/Classes
If you sign up for Mess to Success and Year of Cheer at the same time, you get a great deal!! I hope you'll consider joining the classes!


  1. I joined!! I won the class in Feb but I will be here for the January one! Wouldnt miss it!!

    **BTW - I can't seem to add myself to your list of followers? I see 8 followers but I can't add myself to it. I wanna follow too! LOL. I have you on my blog roll so that works.

  2. It works today! I am now a follower - well, I always was. But now I can see it in my reader!


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